Supporting Communities

Fiduciary Administration Services (FAS) helps set up and administer native title trust funds.


We work closely with the entities listed below to ensure efficient and compliant trust fund distribution:

Why we’re
better for community

Smaller, Faster, More Responsive

Independently Focused on Your Community

Years of Experience

Leaders of the Native Title Trustee Industry

Friendly Caring Community

How we help communities

We Provide Structure

We help form trust deeds and appropriate trust models for the administration of native title trusts.

We Communicate Clearly

We keep community members updated with regular and clear messages via websites, tech platforms, emails and meetings.

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Auditing

We maintain account expenditure and income down to the cent. Records are kept in order for all to see and for tax time compliance. Financial statements are regularly audited to ensure your records are transparent and accurate.

We Help Make Things Happen

Whether it’s a huge decision for all the families and generations to come, or a single application for trust benefits, we assist in helping make those decisions a reality.


Native Title Trust Funds come with great responsibility. Directors meetings, AGMs, Annual Reports, and Audits are generally required. We handle the paperwork and help organise meetings to make sure ACNC, ATO, ORIC, ASIC & Attorney General requirements are met.

We Facilitate Meetings

A lot of people need to meet for the compliant running of a native title trust. We organise travel, venues, catering and all needs for meetings between your group, lawyers, government agencies, mining companies, anthropologists and any other specialists that you require. We also facilitate the forming of Trust Advisory Committees (TAC) involving the whole community to elect members and bring leaders together to discuss big decisions in a transparent way.

Software Pilot Program

Through fair and compliant administration and innovative technology, Fiduciary Administration Services is changing the industry. We’re currently the Pilot Partner for Custodian Community software. Custodian Community is Trust Administration software designed specifically for the Native Title Trust industry. Since onboarding the software to the Yugunga-Nya People’s Trust (YNPT), the uptake has had a dramatic impact on member engagement and ultimately improved access to programs for everyone.

Custodian Community Software

Custodian Community software is available to all Native Title Trusts. If you’re a trustee or community member looking for a better, faster, and more compliant way to distribute trust funds, software licences are available for your community. Visit the Custodian Community website for further details.